How do we get through summer without our hair becoming unhealthy?

Summer is a time to be outdoors, and enjoy the sunshine, a visit to the beach, and to feel the wind in our hair! Well such a wonderful feeling is not so wonderful on our hair! 

So how do you get through summer without your hair becoming unruly and unhealthy? First we need to understand what causes Summer Damage to our hair! 

Lets go through the most common summer scenario! A Vacation! You have spent most of your year saving for that ultimate summer vacation , when you head for sunnier climates, and have the time of your life. Summer is a time to feel bright and most of us head to a salon to get blonde highlights, balayage and ombre techniques in our hair, just in time for our vacation! This is perfectly fine as long as you discuss with your stylist how you can give your hair that extra love after putting it through a bleaching process.

We always recommend a shampoo and conditioner to protect the hair and balance the oiliness of a scalp with the dryness on the ends after coloring. This will optimize the way you hair looks and feels. We recommend Sea Kelp Shampoo for  medium-thicker hair or Protein Shampoo for medium to fine hair, by Woody Michleb Hair Care, along with the matching conditioner. It becomes tricky when we start to choose our treatment products. Oil Therapy by Style the Runway, this lightweight Argan Oil offers intense hair repair, instantly absorbing to create sleek, smooth, and frizz free hair. 

We love that it is versatile, with 3 ways to use it, so only need to buy one product for multiple purposes. Use it on wet, towel dried hair as a protectant from heat and other environmental stresses. You can use it on dry hair as a finishing product, or if you really want to show your hair some love, mix it in with any conditioner for a 5 minute rinse out treatment mask.


For the everyday environmental stresses you can also use our 'favourite product in the whole entire world' Urban Defense! This all in one multipurpose product Protects and Detangles the hair, but our fave is that it Primes the hair, giving us a smooth and perfect foundation for any style we wish to create. By using a primer on our hair, our style stays longer, curls don't fall, hair stays frizz free, and our hair looks shiny top to bottom! This amazing spray smells like coconuts, and makes us want to just sit on the beach in the sun drinking Pina Coladas, so at least it has UV Protection in it, so that it helps our hair stay protected from harmful rays, and keeps our new vacation hair color from fading!!

Why does our hair color fade on the beach? We asked Woody, salon owner and top stylist from Palm Beach, Florida to tell us the answer! 

When we lighten hair in the salon and give you blonde highlights, we are making a chemical reaction! We activate it by use hydrogen peroxide, which is basically H2O2.... basically water plus extra Oxygen. We also add heat sometimes, and also raise the pH of the hair to allow for us to "get inside" and make the changes we want to. We use bleaching products to react with the Melanin and change the hair color to blonde. When we are outside UV rays affect the Melanin the same way that bleach does, just slower, so if you add that reaction to water, wind, and heat, you enhance the natural process of highlighting. The problem is for most people that it lightens their hair, but not enough, so it becomes orange, or not the correct color desired. Also this can lift dyed hair, and bright colors, grey coverage or toners will change color by too much time in the sun. 

BUT?? How come when we sunbathe our skin becomes darker, while our hair becomes lighter??

This comes down to one simple difference. The hair strands are dead, while skin cells are alive. UV rays damage skin and hair. So our body relies on melanin for protection. When UV rays hit skin cells, the cells naturally react to protect themselves, and part of this reaction is producing more Melanin, which is effectively pigment in your skin, resulting in a darker coloring to each of the cells. When UV hits the dead hair the Melanin absorbs it and stops the UV rays harming any of the nearby cells, keeping them away from your all important DNA. But over time melanin degrades and loses its own color from exposure to UV, and because in hair it is not replenished until new hair grows in, it ends up leaving the hair lighter.

So if we trust our perfect sun-kissed color to the pro's - and not the actual sun, then make sure you Prep your hair with UV protection, and use finishing products like Photo Ready to keep your color safe while you are out and about all day!


About Style the Runway

The cutting edge lifestyle brand Style the Runway was created by hair stylist power couple Woody and Amy Michleb, owners of Woody Michleb Beauty Salon Palm Beach, best recognized for all their successes on stages, at education events, and on the runways around the world. 

Style The Runway products are high-performance driven hair styling products that are fully intermixable and customizable to obtain the must have runway looks. Throughout the assortment Style The Runway offers products that are a sulfate, paraben, gluten and/or alcohol free. What's more is this product is made in the USA and has been infused with natural botanical extracts, high-grade vitamins and healthy ingredients.

The product has already been recognized by fashion platforms in Miami, New York and LA, as well as featured as editors pick for The La Fashion 2 seasons in a row. It has debuted on the shopping channel Evine Live, and is available in salon professional distributors around the US & Canada. For more information visit or follow @styletherunway on Social Media


Sponsored Brand: Style the Runway Hair Products

Hair Leads: Woody & Amy Michleb

Make up Lead: Nikki Carmela

Photographer: Logan Suarez-Penrod

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